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How to make a Georgette Carnation March 4, 2010

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I have this great set of 1930’s pattern making books that I got at a yard sale in Portland, Oregon in my early 2o’s. I LOVE these books so much!

I was over at Ysolda’s website a day or so ago and saw that she had made some cute felt flower bobby pins- which made me think of my “decorative stitches and trimmings” book in the above mentioned set.

Now, I need to go out and buy the fabric and ribbons but if you just so happen to have any flat or satin crepe…

1) Cut 15 circles of crepe, 3 1/2″ in diameter. *note: I would cut 16 so you have a test one to see if it looks like the diagram below*

2) Fold each in half, then fold the halves into thirds and slash down on each fold 1 1/4″ towards the center. You can also pink the edges, if you have pinking shears to make it more “realistic”.

3) Between these slashes, make three or four 1/4″ slashes so that the circle, IF (see note in step #1) unfolded will look like this: (sorry it’s blurry)

4) Cut 12 lengths of fine, uncovered tie wire (I think I will use my floral wire and just scrape off the green waxy coating with my fingernails, ta-dah)- about 8 ” long.

5) As you finish slashing each circle, without unfolding, wrap the center of one of the pieces of wire in a few twists around, the sharp tip of the folded center, as seen below- wrapping it just enough to hold securely.

6) Leave the 2 ends of the wire attached to form a stem.

7) treat all but FOUR circles this way, and wrap these together with a single wire for the center of the flower.

8) Arrange the 11 that are wired singly around this group and twist the 12 wires together to form a stem, then wrap with embroidery silk, narrow ribbon or tissue paper.

You can make more and arrange in clusters or rows-

I plan on making a bunch of different ones for some sweater pins, some hair clips, and who knows what else! They’re pretty. I have some easier ribbon ones I think I am going to try and maybe post too.

I love Carnations. I don’t care if they are considered a “cheap” flower. I grow them in my garden and I love the way they smell. Flowery and spicy and warm.


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