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Ivy, grrrr? March 7, 2010

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The new piece I’m working on has been time consuming. Lot’s of frogging, but mainly due to me getting engrossed into a tv show or refereeing some spat between the girls- I finally got up to the armpits though and started binding off. It looked small so I finished one side of the front. It fit! However, I’m not so sure I liked the curved v-neck so I ripped the fronts all back to my lifeline (Oh, thank god I did a lifeline!). Now I have to re-work the front, mainly the neck.

I want to have a high nick that consists of a band that would cover the little pleated ruffles, and the little box-pleated ruffles themselves, so it has to be high. I also want a cut, so the curved v didn’t work, now I am considering a tabbed keyhole or SOMETHING.

I was getting a bit worried that I didn’t like where the sweater was going, however, once I put the front stitches on holders, I was able to try it on. It looked sooooo much better than I thought! SO that’s my happy moment of the day! (Because I was already designing a new piece with different yarn in my head). But it looks like Ivy is going to win out!

Here’s a very poor shot taken from my camera (which usually produces great pics, provided you have the right lighting). Never mind the grayishness of the green- it’s very army green/ivy.Obviously, it’s not blocked. It’s held up fairly well considering it’s been ripped and re-knit a zillion times.

Here is a better shot of the color- I just bought KP’s interchangeable needles- there is a hole you can use for a lifeline. Good luck threading yarn through though- it’s teeny. My solution? I have been using EMBROIDERY FLOSS!

I’m still not sure what I am going to do with the sleeves. All I know is that they will include the same circular lace as the body and will be 3/4 to short cap length. We’ll cross that bridge when it comes. For now, I’m concentrating on the neck.

I’m actually also thinking of adding maybe another inch to the body. I want it to cover a certain area, you know- It’s the plumber, I’ve come to fix the sink.

In life-related news- Somehow I managed to not pay my phone bill last month. I could have sworn that I did! In my head, I remember using the “pay your bill now” function on the phone and it was all set. Of course I have since deleted my message history, so have no way of verifying it. Sigh. I do stuff like this all the time. I’m 36 and yet perpetually 26.

I dyed my hair yesterday. It was supposed to be a dark chocolate, buuuuuuut it’s more of a coal black, ahem.

I was thinking that I can cook some mean food, I will toot my own horn on that, yes, I will. Last night I made edamame with ponzu sauce, jasmine rice and (I will provide the recipe later, because it is so easy and people will think you are a star) Sole Francoise.

Finally- it is so nice outside today! I got to sleep in late, which was so nice. Jon and I stayed up until 2 am playing LEGO STAR WARS (I kid you not). So I am planning on taking advantage of the nice weather by taking the girls to the playground, grocery shopping, paying my phone bill and then getting to work on Ivy!

Lastly, Maisy- my cute Balinese knitting snuggle buddy. The friendliest Siamese we’ve ever had. (But still has some inherited weirdness).


2 Responses to “Ivy, grrrr?”

  1. SylvChezPlum Says:

    sorry this one didn’t work out. :-/
    At the same time, it’s funny because I have a design (kind of in progress and yet totally not at the same time..) using the same slanted eyelets. I love those lines šŸ™‚

    Btw, I see you’re into making charts ect.. I made some (for said above design) a while ago, and explained how here:

    hope you had a nice week-end ! šŸ™‚

    • burninhelen Says:

      Oh Sylvie!! I have missed you and YOUR blog! I’m so glad to be back to Knitting- It’s going to take me eons to catch up with you and your blog, but I’m gonna do it! I JUST started making charts (if it were for ME, I wouldn’t bother!) so I am very VERY new to it and will be utilizing that link stat!
      My blog will be way better soon as I get back into the groove and fix it up! Give my love to the girls!! Your hair DOES look fab, by the way.

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