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Crappy day. March 13, 2010

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Not crappy for me, but the weather is all janet jackson about it, you can call her nasty. It’s windy, raining, gray, and c-c-c-cold! All this cold, wet weather is not lending itself to me feeling any better. I still have a hacking cough and clogged sinuses, which in turn is inducing pressure up there, leading to headaches.
But getting rid of the Ivy headache has done wonders for the pysche! I expected to feel extremely bummed out that I had put in so much time, effort, math, energy, frogging, re-knitting, frogging, frogging, frogging, frogg-….
But I feel actually kind of liberated and excited to get to work on the oh no. I’m just calling it that because it cracks me up.
I fell asleep knitting last night! I was watching Medium, because honestly, the show is shit but who doesn’t think Patricia Arquette is the cutest thing ever? (She won my heart in Lost Highway). And the next thing I know Jon’s delicately trying to remove the needles from my clenched hands. You should probably know that 99.9% off the time I can NOT fall asleep unless I’m laying down.
Then I got to wake up to Helena and Nia screeching with laughter, which is better than screeching at each other.
My order has still yet to arrrive! What the.. Hopefully today. Today is a great day to do what I do without feeling too terribly guilty about it. My hibernation period that I perform every year is almost up.
I bought a neat vintage columbia tourist bike from my friend Christine. 20 bucks!
I have to soup that up. The light is unattached, one of the brake cables is unattached, and the wheels are flat.
I also want to buy an old-school basket for the handlebars and maybe something to tote Nia around in on the back, although she’s almost 4 and nearing 50 pounds. Nia is more headstrong than me and will not ride her bike simply because we want her to.
In other news, I want to mention that my new friend Helen is amazing. It is SO nice to have someone to vent and share frustrations and support one another. She has amazing style and is seriously one of my saving graces lately. Helen- THANK YOU!!!!!!
I’m off to some mind numbing ribbing, cleaning, and showering. Have a good weekend to my 6 readers!


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