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I’m a dot com! April 6, 2010

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I bought my domain finally, only to realize that I need to move  wordpress.com to the .org version. I didn’t realize that when you have the .com version you can’t really do what you want appearance wise!
This is classic ME. I can not tell you how many times these sort of things happen to me. If it weren’t for bad luck, I would have none at all!
Sure, there are 85 templates I can choose from, but they are so… let’s just say “not me” or “not for me”??
I’m a bit anal about how things look, and I like what I like. Now, being technologically retarded, nothing ever looks the way I want it to, but I try to make it as close as I can.. So I am about to embark in another grey hair inducing lesson in life and blogging.
Once the hosting is ready (should have been last night, but ummmm where’s my email?… that luck thing again) I am moving the blog (and it’s contents, thank god there isn’t much) and placing it in a different set up. Now HOPEFULLY, things have changed since my last wordpress blog in which I had to beg and borrow from friends to help set that up. I hear these days you don’t have to know a ton of code. What would take a normal person maybe a few days to do, inevitably will take me a few months.
And that’s providing I can get everything over to the new one smoothly!
Luckily, the address will stay the same- the look of the blog won’t- thank god!
I’ve had a crappy week with the exception of Easter- I keep looking up at the sky asking “REALLY? No, really??!!”. I’ve had a shitty few years, and am waiting for it all to come to an end finally. The weather is keeping me intact, finally some warmth and sunshine.


6 Responses to “I’m a dot com!”

  1. Susan Glenfield Says:

    Totally agree Christine….there is NO excuse…unless you somehow find out that she had, like, a brain tumor and was in surgery etc. Otherwise, in 2 months???!!! No, no excuse…esp. is she has your money. You can always stop payment or ‘dispute’ the check if that’s what you sent her….or if on your CC you can have the CC company refund the money…I didn’t know that til recently…

  2. Helen Says:

    Wow, I love the new look blog!
    Clever bugger aren’t you?! xxx

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