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I’m a dot com! April 6, 2010

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I bought my domain finally, only to realize that I need to moveĀ  wordpress.com to the .org version. I didn’t realize that when you have the .com version you can’t really do what you want appearance wise!
This is classic ME. I can not tell you how many times these sort of things happen to me. If it weren’t for bad luck, I would have none at all!
Sure, there are 85 templates I can choose from, but they are so… let’s just say “not me” or “not for me”??
I’m a bit anal about how things look, and I like what I like. Now, being technologically retarded, nothing ever looks the way I want it to, but I try to make it as close as I can.. So I am about to embark in another grey hair inducing lesson in life and blogging.
Once the hosting is ready (should have been last night, but ummmm where’s my email?… that luck thing again) I am moving the blog (and it’s contents, thank god there isn’t much) and placing it in a different set up. Now HOPEFULLY, things have changed since my last wordpress blog in which I had to beg and borrow from friends to help set that up. I hear these days you don’t have to know a ton of code. What would take a normal person maybe a few days to do, inevitably will take me a few months.
And that’s providing I can get everything over to the new one smoothly!
Luckily, the address will stay the same- the look of the blog won’t- thank god!
I’ve had a crappy week with the exception of Easter- I keep looking up at the sky asking “REALLY? No, really??!!”. I’ve had a shitty few years, and am waiting for it all to come to an end finally. The weather is keeping me intact, finally some warmth and sunshine.


Crappy day. March 13, 2010

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Not crappy for me, but the weather is all janet jackson about it, you can call her nasty. It’s windy, raining, gray, and c-c-c-cold! All this cold, wet weather is not lending itself to me feeling any better. I still have a hacking cough and clogged sinuses, which in turn is inducing pressure up there, leading to headaches.
But getting rid of the Ivy headache has done wonders for the pysche! I expected to feel extremely bummed out that I had put in so much time, effort, math, energy, frogging, re-knitting, frogging, frogging, frogging, frogg-….
But I feel actually kind of liberated and excited to get to work on the oh no. I’m just calling it that because it cracks me up.
I fell asleep knitting last night! I was watching Medium, because honestly, the show is shit but who doesn’t think Patricia Arquette is the cutest thing ever? (She won my heart in Lost Highway). And the next thing I know Jon’s delicately trying to remove the needles from my clenched hands. You should probably know that 99.9% off the time I can NOT fall asleep unless I’m laying down.
Then I got to wake up to Helena and Nia screeching with laughter, which is better than screeching at each other.
My order has still yet to arrrive! What the.. Hopefully today. Today is a great day to do what I do without feeling too terribly guilty about it. My hibernation period that I perform every year is almost up.
I bought a neat vintage columbia tourist bike from my friend Christine. 20 bucks!
I have to soup that up. The light is unattached, one of the brake cables is unattached, and the wheels are flat.
I also want to buy an old-school basket for the handlebars and maybe something to tote Nia around in on the back, although she’s almost 4 and nearing 50 pounds. Nia is more headstrong than me and will not ride her bike simply because we want her to.
In other news, I want to mention that my new friend Helen is amazing. It is SO nice to have someone to vent and share frustrations and support one another. She has amazing style and is seriously one of my saving graces lately. Helen- THANK YOU!!!!!!
I’m off to some mind numbing ribbing, cleaning, and showering. Have a good weekend to my 6 readers!


Knitting Needles, freedom of choice! March 11, 2010

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Do you love D-E-V-O? I do. Of course entirely unrelated.

When I was first taught to knit, I inherited my mom’s and my grandmother’s collection if needles. Yes, I do realize how lucky that was and I am glad I didn’t have to go and buy each of them separately.

I feel that in this world, the majority of people choose Bamboo’s. I greatly dislike them for a few reasons.

  • The tips DULL.
  • Sometimes they snag the yarn
  • Ummm, have you ever sat on a smaller gauge and broken it?
  • They WARP! (and NOT from being wet, I have no idea how this happens but usually on the smaller sizes)
  • I don’t want to have to WAX my needles, too much maintenance!

Call me old fashioned, but my favorites are aluminum. I have heard of some people being allergic to them, and others getting a funny smell from the metal on their hands. I pretty much exclusively knit with them and that’s never happened to me-

I have old Susan Bates, Brittany’s (who madeĀ  strong wood needles!) and Boye’s, and a bunch of mystery ones whom I have no idea who the manufacturer was on them.

Some of the various needles all mishmashed together

My grandmother's are still my favorites

And yes, that’s me in my pajamas. Doing anything that prevents me from finishing this stupid sweater.

Vintage Needle Love aside, in this modern day and age I really like Addi’s. But, alas they are so expensive- the cable is so nice on the circs though.

However! I recently just purchased Knit Picks nickel plated interchangeable needle set. The cable is very similar to the addi’s, but I actually prefer the KP’s to the addis because the point is better.

I think they have a great bargain with needles, and as far as I can tell so far, the metal ones are actually very good quality!


Blocking with Fishing Line March 4, 2010

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Did you know…. You can thread fishing line around the edges of your pieces? Pin the line, not your garment for straighter edges.


So what? I (hypothetically) do what I want!

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I’m probably not ashamed to discuss my initial tragedies. I may have been SO excited to knit my own stuff, it’s possible I couldn’t wait for time consuming swatches, using semi-proportionate needle/yarn ratios, and things of such nature. In a sense, I do kind of miss it- I did actually make a lot of it work-

The thing is, if I am knitting for me, I don’t care what I do or did or how I did it. I lived on the EDGE, man. Danger abound! Problem is when people want to make that stuff you are flattered and aim to please, but then reality sinks in that you really need to learn the basics and be able to express it in a written form. It’s not as easy as reciting off a recipe where you can add a “dash” of something- it has to be more precise or the outcome is a village of torch wielding furies, just kidding, the outcome is that you wasted a bunch of their time and money and let them down. Some of you can gasp at my errr, I mean that person’s moronic gall- others can totally sympathize, but hopefully it’s entertaining, especially if it really may have happened.

Ten things I may have done. (Hypothetical Me, naturally darlings.)

  1. Buy at least 1-2 skeins less than you actually need
  2. Search for size 6 circulars, find 7’s and say “whatever, I do what I want!”
  3. DON’T bother doing a tiresome swatch, live dangerously and WING it.
  4. Know the entire time that you really needed a swatch, but say “whatever, I do what I want!”
  5. Don’t chart out anything, so you can realize later, say about 24 rows too late, that you needed more/less shaping.
  6. Forgo the lifeline because so what who cares, you do what you want and live dangerously. Pffft, I’ll catch any mistake by the next row!
  7. Use yarn that is unpleasant to work with, in this case grey dk weight cotton that literally falls apart. You knew it seemed shady, but it FELT good, and LOOKED good in the skein. Maybe that’s why it was in the clearance bin?
  8. Knit about 6 inches and realize because you didn’t swatch, it’s too big (although it wouldn’t have been if you could have just waited untill you found the 6’s)
  9. After all the above, realize that you hate the yarn and it was totally wrong for the idea anyways. You should have just gone out and bought different yarn, but you really really wanted to use that crap up. (I have yarn from the 60’s… 70’s, 80’s… some of it is ewwww but I am determined to make something VERY cool out of something so VERY WRONG looking, so what? I do what I want!)
  10. When you figure out the piece has too much uh, girth to it, show your significant other so he can sigh and tsk at you, then listen to him try and talk you out of frogging it because it’s ludicrous to spend so much time on something to rip it all out. He thinks potato sacks look fantastic on you, and that’s great- but….

That all being said and done- I will continue to publicly humiliate myself, and share my growth, knowledge and the what nots have you nots, so that maybe some other hypothetically like the hypothetical me can avoid my wrong turns.

I keep thinking that I really wish I had a source that taught me what I wanted to know but was afraid to ask, to teach me things I had no idea I should know, and to highlight the way. I mean there ARE tons of resources, but all in a zillion places. I don’t know of any other blogs that have step by step garment design- if you know of any SHARE! I am going to write a blog about what I want in a blog, and hey it’s MY (hypothetical-ish) blog so who cares! I do what I want!

Goodnight my babies.


My 1st post in my new blog! March 2, 2010

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Knitting for Boozehags has taken a powder, and has risen into Domestic Dutchess- I wanted JUST Dutchess but apparently there is another WP blog already with MY name! Dang it. So I think that my blog will be Domestic Dutchess (until I get sick of that name too) but maybe can still incorporate the Dutchess.

If I had blogmates, like my new Ravelry pal lapblaydes, we would call it Ho’s Makin’ Clothes! (Yo.)

So anyways, eventually I will re-work this blog and have it all pimped out and plumped up. But for now, I just need to have a place that didn’t get hacked and hijacked, where YOU my lost readers, can view everything rather than relying on cached pages from a blog long gone.

Yey! So what to expect this time around?

  • Patterns, duh! Old and new.
  • Good links- I’m collecting a bunch for my own selfish purposes but will share anyways.
  • My buddies blogs! Yeaaah BUDDIES!
  • More procrastination! As usual, entries will be sporadic at best. I predict I start off strong and then once the novelty wears off, maybe once a week..
  • More procrastination! I will eventually go thru the old patterns and upload into pdf files for y’all, but I’m working on 3 patterns right now, soooooo. yeah.
  • If I can ever figure things out, maybe some video how to’s.
  • As always, my sparkling, light, bright and cheery … uhhhh. Make that just.. ME.
  • I’m hoping that I can post a bunch of stuff about my processes- right and wrong, good and bad so that my readers know that nothing is perfect and we all have stuff to learn and knowledge to share.

And that’s it for now.

Where have I been? I played roller derby, scratch that- I did that and ALSO ran my league and still do the QSR’s for WFTDA. I really had zero time for knitting. I’m coming to the end of my career! (That’s a GOOD thing though!). I’ve started my pre-req’s for nursing school, I am taking this semester off due to financial aid snafu’s/red tape-

I’m in a major “trying to re-organize and prioritize” my life. My girls are older, Anthony and I are getting divorced- Another GOOD thing- we are still the bestest of friends. He got paralyzed a couple of years ago- NOT a GOOD thing. This also contributed to my hiatus as well as the re-organizing of life stuff. My 1st love came back, he almost died too! I’ve really been through the ringer! So many terrible things, completely out of my control. I don’t care so much about myself in the sense that I am strong and can deal, but I will always regret that my oldest daughter Helena has been affected with all of this health crises. My youngest was little enough to come out un-scathed, and for that I am thankful.

It just sucks to have a vision of what you thought life was going to be and then have it completely de-railed.. and it’s no one’s fault, it is just life. We got the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

That all being said- this is just what happened, and I feel I owe some sort of explanation. It’s not out here for you to feel badly or sadly for me. I’m okay! Not terrific, but okay, and getting better. I won’t lie and say that it hasn’t had it’s effects, but the only thing you can look to is the future and focus your energy on making it through everything. A lot of people comment that they don’t know how I got through it, but it’s really different when you are in it. You have no choice but to make it through. Anthony is doing as well as one can. He even bought a Mustang. He had an aortic dissection and we strongly feel the paralyzation came from the after care, but we can’t prove it, even though he got pressure sores because they weren’t moving him. They almost had to amputate his LEG because the nurses were not turning him like they were supposed to! (Hello, I’m going to be a nurse! But a good one.)

Jonny, my high school sweetheart- he got pancreatitis, was in a coma and given a zero chance. He’s doing great now! He also can never drink again. So now you see the whole boozehags thing, which was funny and tongue in cheek, isn’t the most appropriate choice now! Plus I’m going to be 37! WHAAAT!? Awwwww hells.

So there’s the rub. The first and most likely last mention of all things tragic and sad and soul crushing. Those who know me, know how hard it is for me to really talk about these things and how I would rather just concentrate on what lies ahead. Better, brighter days!