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New revised version of Lelah is up! April 4, 2010

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Well, the 101 class has certainly lit a much needed fire under my ass! Our 1st assignment was concerning branding and making a pattern style sheet, something I had been sorely lacking and feeling guilty about for some time.
I really didn’t think that I would be able to figure out so much tech-related stuff in such a short amount of time, but I found that MS office is excellent and ended up using a bunch of features I had no idea were even there!
I slaved over this, literally for like a week- I even made my first chart! I stayed up until 5 am trying to get it just right. Sure there are a few things that I will do a bit differently next time and I am sure I forgot some stuff on there too!
Anyways, I hope you like it! So much thanks to Lelah, Carrie and Knitrawr, and of course Helen, my partner in crime. Also to Brandee, The Bell Sisters Ding and Dong, and most importantly to Shannon for everything. I’ve got such a wonderful support group that encourages me in the best way. Speaking of Shannon, I have NO idea how in the samhain she can manage all the stuff she does, that girl is a workhorse. I’m really looking forward to her new books that are coming out- one of them is going to be on tech editing!!! You can pre-order The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design if you click on THIS. I can’t wait to read this. Umm, ps- Cooperative Press is also hers. I’m telling you, she’s a busy bee.

So about Lelah- I left blanks in the directions for you to fill in your math. I included the measurements you need to make and the math you need to do in order to fill in those blanks! I really think I made the process extremely simple, so tell me what you think!

It may be helpful if I include the link to Lelah (the top), yes? HERE!
Also, would you like to see more patterns set up this way?
I’ve been toying with the whole pattern writing thing and different ways of going about writing them.
2 ideas!
One- when possible (ie for less complicated items) I’d like to implement the same set-up as for Lelah, where I give you the math tools to make something custom fit to YOU.
Should I still include sizing? This would mean extra pages though- but you can always set your printer to print pages x, x and x to avoid ink wasting!
Secondly- What about keeping sizes separate? That way you only have to print YOUR size and won’t get lost or lose your place in the x{x, x, x, x} brackets- also an ink saver!
In some patterns, this may actually be an easier, more concise way- especially if the different sizes have differing directions or slight variation in directions.
In other news, after much frustrations, I finally registered as a .com. Even though Word Press now has a bunch of my money in credits that I probably can’t get back. Oh well. I am thinking about buying a theme thingy where techtards like myself don’t need to bother with insane coding just to change my background color.
Next, I’ll try to set up a shop and free patterns page! Wish me luck and cross your fingers for the techtarded one.

One last nice bit of news – Brandee keeps getting her submission accepted all over the place, so YEY! BRANDEE!!! (I’m very proud of her!)


Do you need DESIGNING 101? March 23, 2010

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I have fabulous news to share! I have been chatting with the fabulous Shannon Okey of Knitgrrl and have somehow fanagled her to agree to teaching a DESIGN 101 class for people like me, who are stuck!

So you make your own stuff, that’s the sort of easy part- but what do you do with it? How do you take it a step (or 2, or 3) further? How do you write a great, concise, easy to follow pattern? How do you grade correctly? What about creating pdf’s, branding, selling, self-publish, shop to companies, and a zillion other questions you might have, that I have??!!

I find myself getting lost often with no real plan- I need a sort of “life coach” for knitting, hopefully you do as well. This will be an ON-LINE class and it is only going to cost you 65 dollars- How many books have you bought?? How much time and energy have you spent (and even wasted) researching, reading, trying out on your own? The cost of the class is less than it would take you to make a sweater!

I will be posting some more information shortly so stay tuned!

I’m still in a state of semi-shock myself over the incredible amount of LUCK I just stumbled into!